Hello All,

My name is Marisa and I'm 24 years old and the mother of 3 wonderful little boys. My husband Jason and I currently reside in Northern Lower Michigan with our 3 boys, but home is back downstate by Ann Arbor. Our boys are 4.5 (almost 5), 22 months (2 at end of November) and 2 months on the 1st of November. I stay at home with them and they keep me pretty much on my toes.

When the boys are off entertaining themselves (luckily right now or else I'd be having a heck of a time writing this), I obviously have a love for photography. It's always been an interesting thing to me and  it took me a long time to finally decide that is what I'd like to do.

My main goal is to do mostly birth photography. I have had 2 home births and am in love with all aspects of it. I am horrible at most math so going to school for midwifery would be a problem, haha. So why not do this? Taking photos which is one thing I love to do of births which is another passion of mine. It seems like a win win. I am not quite there yet, I want to practice, practice and practice. Birth photos you only get one shot at.

I do plan as well to branch out, portraits/family photography as well as maternity. Honestly if you want me to take photos of your dog I would. I am not set on one aspect of it. I'm a laid back easy going person who just wants to capture wonderful moments in life. My 3 boys are constantly bombarded with the camera because I don't want to miss a beat.

Along with photography, my boys, I also enjoy music and movies. I'm a Christmas nut and before Halloween start listening to music. Crazy, I know. I'm told quite often haha.

That is me pretty much. A lover of photography, family and life. Not exactly in that order though :)